About Us

aboutSince we started Icoms in 2000, we focused on developing intelligent, database-driven web applications. We worked with open source software like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) with which we developed complex e-commerce and business apps for the central american market.

On 2006 we started developing on Ruby on Rails and Django, experimenting with social web apps like tuBabel and Blipea (a microblogging platform for the latin american market).

In 2010 we joined forces with an education startup (Escolarea) and created Class.io, a communications platform for teachers and students with which we were accepted to Dreamit Ventures NYC 2011 and later pivoted into Pictour.

Since 2011 we have worked on a mix of client work and our own projects. In the last few years we have helped many startups and big companies with their web and mobile apps, specially in the NYC tech scene.

Aiming to establish a stronger international presence we decided to acquire Escolarea LLC, now our wholly owned subsidiary to do business in the United States. We are constantly evaluating and recruiting talent, fresh from the software development programs at local central american universities and train them to work in teams developing great apps for our clients globally.